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RoadX merchandise is in the works. Stay tuned for a wide assortment of gear for work and play. MERCHANDISE FOCUSED ON WHAT MATTERS TO YOU RoadX is devoted to manufacturing commercial truck tires that provide you with unsurpassed value and savings. As a global leader in the value tier, this allows our tire brands to focus on improving your bottom line without sacrificing the quality, service and support that your business demands. DIVERSE MULTI-BRAND SOLUTIONS Competitive market programs and a complete line-up of trusted products for any fleet application NORTH AMERICAN BASED ENGINEERING Testing and R&D makes RoadX a leader in product development for exceptional performance FUEL YOUR FLEET SAVINGS RoadX offers a wide selection of high-quality commercial tires with excellent retreadability and a guaranteed minimum two-retreads. TRUSTED PRODUCTS Sold in over 135 countries worldwide and officially ranked 16th largest tire company globally. UNSURPASSED The RoadX product line delivers exceptional performance at competitive market pricing. VALUE PROPOSITION RH647SP & CD883SP have been engineered for low operational cost and improved tire life with sidewall protector ribs which provides enhanced durability against abrasion and cuts caused by curb damage NEW MODELS WITH SIDEWALL PROTECTOR RIBS


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Why Choose RoadX

RoadX offers a complete multi-brand lineup of business solutions with unsurpassed product and unmatched customer experience in the value tire segment. We are the undisputed leader in the value tier.

  • Advanced product development and engineering through dedicated STA-owned and operated manufacturing and R&D facilities.
  • Delivering value-based tires by ensuring cost containment through true vertical integration
  • North Amercial Sales and Marketing support with a strong foundation of supply chain excellence.
  • We stand behind our engineering and quality with best-in-class warranties and support.
  • Dedicated sales territory protection and long-term brand ownership based on geographic market location.
  • Sales programs built with consistent product pricing, not monthly specials

Committed to growth COMMITTED TO GROWTH You can count on our proven brands to create meaningful savings and increase operational efficiencies. Delivering reliable logistic support with 97+% fill rates OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Great Value GREAT VALUE Engineered and professionally tested products; best in class warranty and standard two-retread guarantee Servicing over 2500 proints of sale with warehouse fill-in programs and support. RELIABLE NETWORK Customer Analysis CUSTOMER ANALYSIS Enhancing efficiencies through competitive product program, logistics, delivery, channel management and insights. North American sales and leadership team focused on supporting your business needs. CUSTOMER PRIORITY Ecom Portal ROADX ONLINE ECOMMERCE PORTAL Option to place an order from our warehouses and/or factory direct.
Order tracking for warehouse, factory direct, online portal and telephone orders
Process warranty and national account claims
Document center to view/download all invoices, credit memos, shipments, orders and catalogs.
Real-time warehouse and factory direct price sheets according to your discount structure.
Vertical Integration ADVANTAGE OF TRUE VERTICAL INTEGRATION Our vertical integration strategy starts from our independently owned and operated rubber plantation, which ensures top quality raw materials go into the great products we produce. Overall operational efficiencies, state-of-the-art manufacturing and expertise in logistics allow us to control costs and pass along the savings. We are the factory, we add value, not cost. RH647SP & CD883SP THE RH647SP & CD883SP Features new sidewall protector ribs which withstand abrasion and cuts caused by curb damage, improves the durability of these tires. This added feature will help to increase tire life and the ability to retread the worn casing to lower your overall tire cost. The sidewall protector ribs provide an additional 3mm (4/32") of rubber in 2 ribs that cover the circumference of the sidewall.